A Twentieth Century Woman:
Lucy Kramer Cohen  1907 - 2007
Photo Gallery
Felix Cohen far right front with unidentified group, Indian Country,SW, @ 1935-38. Felix S. & Lucy Kramer Cohen Photo Collection
Lucy in an irrigation pipe, Indian Country, SW, @1936-8. Photo by Felix S. Cohen.
Lucy Kramer Cohen on right with work colleagues, Indian Country, SW @ 1936-8. Photo taken by Felix Cohen.
Felix Cohen back row on right with unidentified work colleagues, Indian Country, SW @1934-1938. Photo taken by Lucy Kramer Cohen.
Work colleagues in SW Indian Country @ 1935-38
Wright and Grace Hagerty on their ranch near Browning Mt, 1950, photo by Karen Cohen Holmes
Pine Ridge woman friend of Lucy in regalia with cradle board August 1935--unidentified
taken by Felix Cohen.
Pine Ridge friend of Lucy--unidentified--taken August 1935 by Felix Cohen.
Lucy in regalia with unidentified friends at Pine Ridge August 1935. Taken by Felix Cohen.
Lucy in regalia at Pine Ridge with unidentified friend August 1935 taken by Felix Cohen.
Felix Cohen, Ben Reifel, unknown couple @ 1934-38. Probably taken at Felix Cohen's request on his camera.
Ben Reifel-Felix Cohen @ 1934-38 probably taken on Felix Cohen's camera at his request.
Lucy visiting Indian Country about 1936-8. Taken by Felix Cohen or on Cohen camera.
Ft. Belknap Elders,@1934-8,from Left, Simon Firstshoot, Rex Flying, John Leggings, Lame Chicken, Walking Chief, Raymon Feather, Joe Howard. Taken by and men identified by Felix Cohen.
Felix with ceremonial pipe center, gift of August Moccassin, 3rd from left, Ft. Belknap, MT. One of a series taken to commemorate this gift at request of Felix Cohen.
From left;back row:
George Bronz,Ted Haas, Leonora Cohen, 2 women;front row: unknown man, Lucy Kramer [Cohen], Felix Cohen.
Lucy Kramer Age 5. Photo taken by Photographer D. Shukatoff, 456 Stone Ave, Brooklyn, NY.  Cohen Collection.