A Twentieth Century Woman:
Lucy Kramer Cohen  1907 - 2007

Berkeley Premier Wins Accolades
3/12/2012 9:05:33 PM

The audience of nearly 100 fell in love with Lucy the person and applauded ‘Lucy” the film yesterday afternoon at the Berkeley Premier. They laughed at Lucy’s jokes, followed her life and career intently, gasped at Felix’s death and felt tears spring to their eyes when Lucy’s generous life came to its touching conclusion. 

The  Premier was held at the Berkeley History Center--where the excellent exhibit “Berkeley Women: Celebrating 100 Years of Women Voting in California” is still on the walls—an appropriate setting for this committed “Lucy Stoner” and woman who devoted her life with such energy and intensity to family, friends, and colleagues, to Felix and to his work, to Indians and their rights, to her own work and multiple careers and then to her love of drawing the human body and life in the Washington art world.

I've posted some public photos at the Premier on my facebook page at www.facebook.com/nkbickel?sk=photos for those that would like to take a look.