A Twentieth Century Woman:
Lucy Kramer Cohen  1907 - 2007

Felix Cohen photos of Indian Congress March 3, 1934, in Rapid City S.D.
1/23/2012 7:36:04 PM

An extraordinary series of photos taken by Felix Cohen at the opening of the first of 10 Indian Congress on March 3, 1934, in Rapid City, S.D. has just been posted on our photo page. Chiefs of Northern Plains tribes are shown posed formally with Indian Commissioner John Collier in one photo. At this and the following Congresses Collier and his staff, which included Felix Cohen, worked hard to explain the proposed Indian Reorganization Act and to convince tribal leaders that the proposed Act would benefit them. Collier is shown standing beside a blackboard with a bar chart showing the dramatic loss of Reservation lands from 1887 to 1934. Delegates stand near a "Ft. Belknap" sign. In a longer shot of a row of delegates, the "Pine Ridge" sign appears, so presumably these were delegates from those reservations. In another shot Collier smiles and shakes delegates hands while others look on. Commission Collier also posed with Cohen friends Talks Different and August Moccassin.  Moccassin had presented Cohen with a handsome ceremonial pipe during an earlier visit at Moccassin's home. One photo of Cohen with Moccassin and a group of his family and friends also appears among the photos posted so far.